Freelance UX Consultant & Designer

Product designer focused on design education and design strategy.

Working alongside brands and people, I uncover problems and business assumptions through Lean methodologies.

Main strengths: design strategy, workshop facilitation, and wider design education.


Work spectrum


UX and visual design

Built on the back of atomic design, I validate business assumptions through user testing.


Teaching and facilitating

Educating and upskilling wider staff through hands-on design experience.

Design and brand strategy

Understanding business objectives leads to beautiful marketing campaigns and user experiences.

Design principles


Everyone is a designer
Running collaborative workshops leverages internal / external expertise, creating a more streamlined process.

Share early. Share often.
Sketches and mockups allow for quicker iterates, meaning projects stay on track from day one.

Clean mind. Clean design.
Simple, bold, and easily understood. Every element needs researched justification to keep its place in a design.

Invest in understanding
Exploring the problem space creates a clear direction-- less time with software, and more time gathering / analysing information.

Process dictate tools
Tools and technology are secondary to critical thinking. Each process demands a different combination of skills to discover, build and deliver a solution.


I create things that live both on and offline.

Day to day, I help develop product strategy, build team alignment, lead and deliver global design projects and upskill those around me.

I help good people who’re making great things. Success isn’t avoiding failure, it’s overcoming it. I firmly believe that.

Everyone should know everyone.


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