Freelance UX Consultant & Designer

A quick hello

My name is Daniel-- I'm a Product Designer, street-photographer, and teacher.

I've recently started my own Design school titled Experience Haus, and am a Senior Product Designer at Ve.

I'm located in London, but will always call Washington, DC home. I just ran my second half-marathon (October 2017), and am training for my first full-marathon in 2018.

Clients I've worked with


I've taught students from


I can safely say I would not be the designer I am today without Daniel’s valuable mentorship.

I am yet to come across a product designer as passionate as Daniel... his selflessness and humble stance make him a faultless designer, and one of the best colleagues I have had the pleasure of working with.
— Rochelle Williams
An enthusiastic and personable tutor whom has provided me with knowledge and an insight into working within the current product design and user experience industry. Daniel was nonresistant to catering both my classmates and myself with further assistance away from class hours and I am truly grateful for the skills that Daniel has taught me. I look forward to again collaborating with him for the implementation of both his intellect and manner.
— James Boross


Are you working freelance?
No, not at the moment. I'm on the hunt for my next full-time challenge located anywhere within the EU.

How do you work?
A lot of my methodologies derive from Lean UX. Every project kicks off with an internal fact-finding session (usually a multiple-day workshop), and ends with a working MVP. What we do in-between varies between projects.

Are you a visual designer?
My focus at the moment centers around leading Lean product design teams, facilitating workshops, and redefining 'design culture' within organisations. 

Although I'm fluent with all design software, my value lies in understanding what to design.

Are you working on a side project?

  • Co-founder / lead design instructor at Experience Haus
  • Radio host on Experience Haus Radio

What is Experience Haus
Established in 2017, Experience Haus offers part-time courses (pairing students with start-ups), hands-on workshops, and events that are affordable and accessible to everyone. 


Discover Experience Haus Radio

Mixes to match your every mood. Our hour-long podcast strings together the best undiscovered music and design conversations in London (now on iTunes).


Interested in hearing more?
I'm available for a new opportunity.