Daniel Kemery
Daniel Kemery
Freelance UX Consultant & Designer

I work with people to understand problems and create solutions. 

Design finds solutions to both business and user needs. I deliver global products, identify business risks and help develop product strategy. I work Lean-- creating and validating hypotheses by rapidly iterating designs based on user feedback.





  • Identify people’s problems
  • Understand why they're having problems
  • Recognise what we don’t know about their problems
  • Find out what is required to solve their problems
  • Establish our limits for solving their problems


  • Create solutions based on what is required
  • Build enough to quickly measure and learn
  • Test what we don’t know will succeed in our solutions


  • Determine if our solutions solved their problems
  • Understand why our solutions succeed or failed
  • Separate what we now know from what we still don’t know
  • Identify what is essential to solving their problems
  • Determine if the essentials are within our limits



Everyone is a designer
Running collaborative workshops leverages internal & external expertise, creating a more streamlined process.

Share early and often
Sketches and mockups allow for quicker iterates, meaning projects stay on track from day one.

Clean design
Simple, bold, and easily understood. Every element needs researched justification to keep its place in a design.

Invest in understanding
Exploring the problem space creates a clear direction-- less time with software, and more time gathering and analysing information.

Process dictate tools
Tools and technology are secondary to critical thinking. Each process demands a different combination of skills to discover, build and deliver a solution.


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