The Iconic Photograph for Kit & Ace

The Iconic Photograph for Kit & Ace

Kit & Ace creates clothing you can live in. Clothing for the those full-contact days- the ones that start with a hike at dawn and end with a red-eye. They've created Technical Cashmere and pieces you can throw in the wash again and again. That said, the clothing is a means to end, which is community building. Everything, and everyone, at Kit & Ace revolves around the local creative community. Giant wooden tables in each store help to promote that sense of belonging.

Each Kit & Ace location features a large-scale photograph that encompasses the spirit of their location. Dubbed the 'Iconic Photo,' I worked with Kit & Ace's East Coast flagship shop in Bethesda, Maryland (USA) to shoot theirs in 2015.


I began working with Kit & Ace through the early months of 2015, and our partnership's been quite the journey since. It started in February, as I joined one of their first DC Supper Clubs; a great interview by Dhani Mau from the Fashionista goes into detail about those events.

After that first Supper Club interaction, I was then capturing these events through the Washington, DC area. Our partnership really blossomed through the months, and soon we went from Supper Club, to canoeing down DC's Anacostia River, being featured as the 'Iconic Photographer,' and joining the DC Winter Launch Party. Kit & Ace is (and will remain) one of my most valued projects. I'm humbled to call Lisa, Mason, Katherine, Bryan, Carlton, and rest of the staff family.

Fast forward a few months to Summer 2015: Lisa, Mason, and I are talking creative direction for Bethesda's 'Iconic Image.' Pop your head into any Kit & Ace around the world, and you're greeted by a photo tasked with telling the local story. Kit & Ace locations rely on home-grown creatives to capture the image, and share what makes their city special within that single frame. Looking back, it was quite the honour to be included, let alone featured. 

Biking through the heat, I took three trips to Bethesda that summer. Architecture. People. Motion. A lot plays out on Bethesda Row (the main street within Bethesda, Maryland). Littered with tourists and locals, I took over three-hundred frames capturing life within the minimalist Kit & Ace aesthetic. The great (but challenging) thing about photography is the story.

Ultimately, we settled on a black and white image of the Bethesda Crossing Building, as it's one of the city's longest standing structures. The 7315 Wisconsin Avenue, three-building complex was sold to a group of investors after the previous owners completed a $30 million renovation. Curving on the roofing matches the curves featured in Kit & Ace's logo, and the detailed texture commands attention. It's stance and history makes it quite the photo subject.

Fast forward a few more months to Winter 2015 and our image is the cornerstone of the flagship’s interior design. Standing opposite the shop on Bethesda Avenue, the ‘Iconic Photo’ towers over the street and is seen across the main shopping square. Neighbors at Apple, Sweetgreen, Georgetown Cupcake (to name a few) stroll past each and every day, and our image is becoming a regular attraction drawing in curious customers.



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