Rebranding Washington DC

The Background

Using negative space is a great technique for making bold statements without compromising a simple aesthetic.

We’re painting with emptiness-- negative space is defined as the space surrounding the main subjects of an image, illustration or design. Aside from helping draw emphasis to the main point of your visual, it can be used to add a visual subpoint (or contradicting point) to your piece. When used in that sense, it’s almost a visual ‘parenthesis’ on your canvas (helping bring home a point).


The Design

Being the capital of the United States, Washington DC has a multiple iconic fixtures and views throughout the city (providing plenty of logo inspiration). I elected for two of its most well known visual icons: 1) the Washington Monument, and the 2) Washington ‘W.’

Among everything else, the project was a small dabble into merchandising and visual branding; experimenting with translating and scaling a design from digital to physical form.

Things considered: linewidth (or stitch width), scaling detailed images (i.e. stars and shapes) up and down, and how the use (or lack) of colour plays with depth and perception.


The Message

The pieces were designed and printed in January of 2017. With marches and unrest filling the streets of Washington DC (and plenty of other American cities), the message serves as a small reminder that the idea of ‘home’ isn’t something that can be striped away.



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