Intro to UX with Dezeen

Amit (my Experience Haus co-founder) and I delivered a tailored and targeted introduction to user experience workshop (UX) at Dezeen’s London headquarters.

Condensing our session to a mere two hours was a challenge, especially because our room’s skill set ranged from visual designers familiar with the term, to bloggers and marketing managers hearing about it for the first time.


We kept things high level, covering things like: UX in a nutshell, the general UX process, why UX is important, how to implement UX within their current business structure, and the benefits of running a design studio.

Our biggest take away: tailored workshop content heightens engagement levels. All our slides, examples, and hands-on exercises were geared directly towards Dezeen and their unique design challenges.

Aside from a better understanding of UX, each department representative (i.e. Deezen Watch Store, Deezen Jobs, and Deezen) left with tangible next steps for their staff, and a better understanding of their user’s frustrations and pain points.

If you’re looking to work together, drop us a line.



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