Freelance UX Consultant & Designer

Product (UX) design 

Design is the sum of all things-- it's a structured creative process designed to find innovative solutions that meet business and user needs.

Every single detail matters.



With a print design and visual design background, I've transitioned into Product (UX) Design to add evidence based justification to projects.

The User Experience (UX) framework is applicable to a wide-scope of industries and project types.

Top skills

  • Visual design
  • Interviews
  • Facilitation
  • Content audits
  • New feature rollouts
  • Style guides and branding


Solutions begin with a deep understanding of users, the business, and the goals both parties are trying to achieve.

The define stage includes discovery, and distills insight into actionable steps. This is an iterative process understanding everyone's opinion and direction.

Techniques used


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Design and refine-- I help build solutions ranging from minimum viable products (MVP) to new features for existing platforms.

The design stage isn't just the visualisation of ideas, it's creating the context, the content, and the connection between the brand and the customer.

Techniques used


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Built on the back of Atomic Design (by Brad Frost), designs are intended to scale and grow with a brand. 

The deliver stage is a collaborative effort between project stakeholders, product managers, and developers. Working in cross-functional teams from day one ensures designs are implemented and technically feasible. 

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